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Full Event Production Services    Band Sizes/Configurations


Band Sizes/Configurations 

The Ultratones are available in many configurations from our 3 piece
Live Emcee/DJ combo and our 5 piece smaller band “Ambiance”
to our “Big Show” with dancers and extra horns up to 12 pieces.

Although our standard band size is 8 pieces, with our versatile players we are able to scale down
in size or pull out all the stops. All band sizes include an emcee, male and female vocalists,
sound, lighting and complimentary pre-recorded break music.

“Club Live” Where ‘Tradition’ meets ‘Today”

Club Live

  • A customized 3 piece Live Emcee and Live DJ/ Combo
  • A complete musical experience featuring experienced wedding professionals in their smallest configuration.
  • “Club Live” combines the talents of our 2 powerful male and female lead vocalist/emcees with our custom DJ including state of the art DJ software, Disco lights and powerful sound system.
  • Combining a traditional wedding repertoire with today’s club mixes, live vocals with DJ tracks, we provide superior quality with affordable pricing.
  • Customized playlists, all genre’s of music, and the expertise of wedding professionals who will emcee your entire event and provide the special touch of live vocals.


2 Piece Duet
3 Piece Trio
4 Piece Quartet
5 Piece Quintet
6 Piece Sextet

Instrumentation Options
Piano, Sax, Stand Up and Electric Bass, Drums, Trumpet, Guitars, Vocalists, Female and Male

Show and Variety Dance Band
7 Piece includes Female Vocalist, Sax, 2 guitars, Bass, Drums and Keyboard
8 Piece includes 2 horns, Sax and trumpet, Female Vocalist, 2 Guitars, Bass, Drums and Keyboards
9 Piece includes 2 horns, Sax and trumpet, 2 Female Vocalists, 2 Guitars, Bass, Drums and Keyboards
10 Piece includes 3 horns, Trombone, , Sax and trumpet, 2 Female Vocalists, 2 Guitars, Bass, Drums and Keyboards
11 Piece includes Percussionist, 3 horns, Trombone, , Sax and trumpet, 2 Female Vocalists, 2 Guitars, Bass, Drums and Keyboards
* 11 piece also can include 2 show dancers

Duet Options-Piano & Sax, Piano & Drums, Stand Up Bass and Piano, Female Vocalist and Piano

Trio Options-
Piano, Stand Up Bass, Sax
Piano, Stand Up Bass, Vocalist
Piano, Sax, Drums
Piano, Drums and Vocalist
Piano, Vocalist and Sax

Any Four instruments
*Optional Female Vocalist for both three and four pieces

Jazz, Standards, Motown, R&B, Swing, Classic Rock, Rock, Top 40, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s.

Sound & Lighting
Stage Sound and Lighting available with rates based on requirements typically



The core, prime players of
The Ultratones are available as “Ambiance”
a 5 piece band perfect for
smaller venues and budgets.

Smaller Configuration
”Ambiance Band” 5 pieces


"Big Show” with Dancers and
Extra Horns up to 12 pieces

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