The Fabulous Ultratones
San Diego based Wedding Band for Weddings and Corporate Events in San Diego, Orange County, Palm Springs, Los Angeles and all of Southern California. One of the best party bands in the region!

The Fabulous Ultratones
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Full Event Production Services    Band Sizes/Configurations

Corporate Events/Event Planners:
Allow us to assist you in making your corporate event memorable for years to come. From small intimate functions, to grand events, your client and/or corporation can depend on our versatility and professionalism.

Themed Parties, Galas and Corporate Events
Fund raising, marketing ventures and lifting employee morale are a natural fit for this band. We understand the opportunity cost, the effort, creativity and demand for success.

This band is able to provide the workability and specific music content directly elevating any themed costumed event; Science, Pirate, The Roaring 20’s theme or Gatsby theme, Sports Songs and celebrations specific to new enterprise, product or business launch, Marketing themes and campaigns and all Human Resources motivational activities. Guests and clients will hear music specific to décor, theme and goals.

Our Mission Statement:
Provide music and customer service in the most superior level, while filling a niche for clients and customers who require talented established professional musicians at reasonable prices.

The band’s versatility enables the offering of various configurations that align to your needs, taste and requirements. The band at full strength is a sensible and strong alternative to large orchestras and/or pricey big bands of less variation and diversity.

Smaller Venues:
Options for smaller venues and versions of the group include the same talent level and dynamics via supplemental computer generated midi files for horns, strings and standard instrumentation offered with the larger versions of the band.


The Big Show

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